jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

We are students of the Eetn1

Hello, we are a group of students. This blog is to share our work with you

Hi! My name is Carlos Balduzzi,I´m 16  years old, I go to the eestnº1 because I like the projects electronics, my hobby is Chess. My favourite band  is "Attaque77". I do Karate-do from the age of 11 and I go because my father also practiced this sport of boy,this year I'm already a black belt And now my "objetive" is to teach what I have learned.
When I was 8 years old I played soccer in my cyty, in a club called "El Cultural" and I left when i was 10 years old
The next image is from my favorite sport "Karate-Do"
Here is my audio presentation

Hello, my name is Federico Infante, I am 16 years old and I am 1.86. I like video games, music and movies. I'm pretty shy but funny. My favourite type of music is Electro and my favourite artists are Pegboard Nerds, Different Heaven and Virtual Riot. My hobbies are play football with friends and listen to music
The next photo is about my favourite TV show, The Simpsons

Hi, I'm lucio luna,I 16 years old. I enrolled in EEST nº1 to study electronics, my hobby is dance and listen music. I like music Electronic and my favourite band is TChami. I lived in Guernica,but I born  in Ituzaingo, I like playing Football with my friends. I do Karate-do from 2012. My objective is to reach black belt.
The next photo is from karate-do

Here is my audio presentation

Hi, my name is Axel and I'm going to give a small description of myself and the things I like. I am 16 years old and I like playing the guitar. I do judo from the age of 8. I go to eetn 1 in Longchamps but I am living in Brandsen since february. I have lived in Lanús until I moved to Brandsen, but I go to Lanús everyweek because I do judo at 7:00 pm on Friday.My favourite band is Las Pastillas del Abuelo. I started to listen it because my brothers were always listening it. I have go to a lot of concerts and I met the musician of the band.
This photo is showing two people practicing my favourite sport, judo

Hi, name name is David Iris ,I am 16 years ,I go to EEST 1 in longchaps and sinse 1 year ago for estudy electronic. I like playing football .I want to estudy elecrtronic . I lived in Guernica . I want to so much the reggeaton. I would like to follow some speciality of electronic. I like to say I think. Finally, I want have a good future

Resultado de imagen para imagen de futbol

Hi, my name is Santiago Ariel Rojas, I'm 16 years old and i live in Buenos Aires. I like soccer and music like trap or electro, also i like see my friends on saturdays. I go to EEST N1, i study electronics and I'm in fifth year.
this photo is my favorite club soccer
Resultado de imagen para futbol

Then we will make a glossary, this will show the translation of electronic objects into Spanish

Bulb: Bombilla de Luz

cell: Bateria

circuit: Circuito

Buzzer: Altavoz

Components electronics: Componentes Electronicos

Resistor: Resistencia

Switch: Tecla On/Off (Encendido/Apagado)

Wire: Cable

Conductors: Conductores